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Computer, by Uncyclopedia

A computer is a magic box full of pixies  and computer games that can do simple things like milking a cat, mathematical operations (not real ones though) are done by slaves of humans and compose essays. It has been likened unto a potent sled dog that sucks the user into habitual addictive behaviors. Once the user is exposed to teh  Internets  and its wealth of hallucinogenic properties, the user is converted into an insomniac, craving more hallucinations to sate their addiction. Addicts can be identified from restlessness when not in contact with a computer, compulsive urge to turn on the computer once they are conscious, excessive bleeding, and basking in the warm glow of the monitor at the hour of 6 in the morning, bleary eyed and still engaging in acts such as Counter Strike, Starcraft, Tribes (any version), World of Warcraft, Everquest, Uncyclopedia,cybering and the like, despite obvious signs of fatigue. Computers are also known as Conan O’Brian’s private boxing opponents. He can kick, hit, punch, crash, destroy, eat, throw, drop, push, pull, punish, hurt and cut Conan. Every game are ties. Certain people are better at computers than others. These people generally live in India, Japan, Finland, Sweden (limited to Counter Strike) and Bømlo (Facebook and multiplayer games)



hahaha, gw mah senyum-senyum aja deh baca artikelnya Uncyclopedia..
yang lain mungkin ada tanggapan? 😛



Lahir di Jakarta tanggal 9 Juni 1989, diberi nama Aditya Pratama yang panggilannya Tomi..strange huh? I know... Sekarang sedang menjalani kehidupan sebagai mahasiswa di Teknik Informatika (Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi) Institut Teknologi Bandung

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